Spicy Hen and Corn Tacos

Spicy Rooster and Corn Tacos

Spicy Chicken and Corn Tacos are a critically tasty taco packed with hen breast, corn, and loads of spice. They appear with each other in beneath 20 minutes for a healthful, easy evening meal.

I have a vault of taco recipes – gradual cooker tacos, vegetarian tacos, fish tacos, taco salads, crispy tacos – you get the thought. But in my thoughts given that you can by no means have ample taco possibilities, so why not incorporate one particular more with this simple weeknight spicy hen and corn taco recipe.  Alternatively of reaching for a premade taco seasoning (packed with preservatives) or preseasoned meats (packed with additional calories), you can make your own at home in the same amount of time.  This one provides new corn but you could substitute in any veggie.  I have utilized zucchini, diced tomatoes, and even spinach productively.  Paired with some smoky spices and my preferred chipotle peppers and you have a swift and tasty taco evening meal.

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