Sluggish Cooker Beef Machaca

Slow Cooker Beef Machaca

Sluggish Cooker Beef Machaca is a classic Mexican dish total of peppers, tomatoes, and spice that makes a delicious taco or burrito filling.

Last night time I dreamed about currently being a cowboy, about prolonged nights on the path and campfires and ….smores. So probably it was more like camping than cowboying, but I was riding a horse and dressed in the greatest of cowboy attire. The place did this cowboy desire occur from? I consider the blame lies with this Machaca which I ate much also considerably of very last night.

Slow Cooker Beef Machaca on a plate with rice.

You see, Machaca historically was a dish made by cowboys and ranchers involving dehydrated beef, some chili peppers, and was eaten with whatsoever was useful. At times it was rolled into flour tortillas, several moments it was scrambled up with eggs, and at times it was fried into crispy minor taquitos. This variation skips the dehydrated beef but employs all the standard flavors and can be eaten a thousand diverse techniques. Make additional. You can constantly freeze it if you do not finish it.

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