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FineForme offers a solution to the three biggest health concerns in our society today: heart disease, diabetes and obesity. And it’s NOT a diet!

What is FineForme?Order FineForme today

FineForme is a specifically formulated product with insoluble and soluble fibers in combination with a complete vitamin and mineral complex. This formulation has been conceived to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol (LDL et HDL), triglycerides, blood sugar and helps to burn fat.

How does FineForme work?

By drinking FineForme 10 to 15 minutes before your two biggest meals every day, your body will develop the ability to properly manage sugars and fats from what you eat. FineForme acts like a sponge in your stomach and, like a magnet, absorbs sugars and fats from the foods that you eat. With the digestive process, the sugars and fats are time released into the blood stream and the excess is eliminated.

Made in Canada

FineForme is Made in Canada in a state of the art laboratory, registered with Health Canada, conform to the strictest quality standards and manufactured under the strict guidelines of GMP.

Order Fine Forme Now:

As a special introduction, you can order a month supply (60 Packets) securely with Paypal for just $66 and we will ship it anywhere in Canada and the USA at no additional charge. You save Shipping and Tax with this offer! .

Fine Forme™ is NOT another fad diet. It is a revolutionary way of thinking about weight loss. It works by stabilizing the fat hormone “leptin.” This hormone is responsible for controlling how much fat the body stores. By regulating leptin, we can effectively reduce fat storage and turn the body into a fat burning machine!

Fine Forme™:

  • Is Patented to Promote Fat Loss
  • Is Patented to Reduce Cholesterol
  • Lowers the Glycemic Index in Foods
  • Helps to Normalize Blood Sugar
  • Is Taken Twice a Day Before Meals
  • Tastes Great with a Mild Orange Flavor

Heart disease, like heart attacks and strokes, kills more people every year than Cancer, Alzheimer and AIDS combined.

In North America 71% of adults are overweight or obese. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there is a strong possibility that we will see the first generation of children not outlive their parents.

If you are interested in getting a Box (60 packets; enough for the entire month) drop us an email at or call us at 506-544-6502. We offer major discounts for first time users….just ask! If you would like to sample the product before buying  a full box; email with your contact info and we will send you a sample to try.

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